Zamia floridana

Synonymy: Numerous; see The Cycad Pages Distribution: Southeastern Geogia, Florida & the Bahamas
Common name: Eng.—Florida arrowroot;  Seminole—conti, contihateka, coonti, coontie (preferred), konti, koontie. Source: M. Bonta & R. Osborne, Cycads in the Vernacular. Conservation status: Not threatened

zamia_pumila_inhabitat1.JPG (61123 bytes)

South Florida form of the Florida coontie in habitat
(Everglades National Park)

pinerockland.JPG (48542 bytes)

Typical pine-rockland habitat in South Florida
(Everglades National Park)

'Palatka giant' form
(Palatka, FL)

zintegrifolia_smallleaf.JPG (65616 bytes)

Small leaf variant

zintegrifolia_largerleaf.JPG (65666 bytes)

Larger leaf variant

zamia_integrifolia_variegated.JPG (59458 bytes)

Variegated plant

Top two photos copyright © 1998, Jody Haynes; taken in habitat in Everglades National Park, FL. Third photo courtesy and copyright © 1999, Frank Brandt; taken in Palatka, FL. Bottom three photos courtesy and copyright © 1998-9, Geoff Stein; taken in a private garden in Los Angeles, CA.

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