Dioon mejiae

Synonymy: Dioon pectinatum, D. edule β latipinna Distribution: Honduras, Nicaragua?
Common name: Spanish translit. of Náh.—palma teosinte, palmera, teocinte (preferred), teocintle, teocsinte, teosinte, tiusinte, tusinte (all translate as ‘sacred ear’, same name as Zea mays var. mexicana), teocinta (the female plant)  Tolupan—ti(ñ)úk. Source: M. Bonta & R. Osborne, Cycads in the Vernacular. Conservation status: Not threatened in Honduras


A large multi-headed adult tree in habitat

More adult trees in habitat

Adult plants growing in a cleared pasture

Female cone in habitat

Jody Haynes, Cycad Biologist at Montgomery
Botanical Center, is dwarfed by the sheer
magnitude of this enormous and ancient plant!

dioon_mejaie_female.jpg (67668 bytes)

Female in cultivation

Dioon mejiae is one of the most majestic of all cycads, and grows trunks to 10+ meters! It is also probably the most abundant of
any cycad in the world. Total population estimates in Honduras are 500,000-1,000,000 plants! Although its habitat in many areas
is being degraded, cleared, and burned, the sheer number of plants suggests that this species is not threatened in the wild.

Top four photos courtesy and copyright © 2003, Dr. Mark Bonta; taken in habitat in Olancho, Honduras. Middle photo courtesy and copyright © 2003, Montgomery Botanical Center; taken in habit in Olancho, Honduras. Bottom photo courtesy and copyright © 1998, Geri Prall, taken at Montgomery Botanical Center, Miami, FL.

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