Cycas revoluta

Synonymy: Several; see The Cycad Pages Distribution: Nansei Islands & Ryukyu Islands (Japan), South China
Common name: Sago palm, king sago; Ch.—tieshu (iron tree), feng-wei-jiao-ye (phoenix tail banana), su-tie; Eng. (hort.)—sago palm, king sago; Jap. (Main islands)—sotetsu (preferred) (coming back from the dead by iron), hou bi (bird’s tail feathers), hou bi shou (broken banana leaf), sha ka shou (firebreak banana), ban shou (barbarian’s banana), tesshou, tessio (iron banana), tosso; Jap. (Ryukyu Islands)—hichichi, hitichi, satetsu, shichichi, sichi, sichidzi, sidzichi, sidzidzui, sihittu, sirichi, sitechi, sitichi, sitidzi, sitochi, sitsuchi, sitsudzu, situchi, suidzu, suchichi, susitykuki, sutachi, suticha, sutichi, sutta, sutuku, suutichi, syutta, syutto, tsudzu (all ref. to whole plants); kyungama, mii, nadzu, nari, sutitsi-nari, yanabu (ref. to seeds only). Source for local names: M. Bonta & R. Osborne, Cycads in the Vernacular. Conservation status: Not threatened

cycas_revoluta.JPG (64544 bytes)

Large adult plant

crevoluta_18cones.JPG (177095 bytes)

A male with 18 cones!

Top photo courtesy and copyright © 1997, Geoff Stein; taken at Huntington Gardens, Pasadena, CA. Bottom photo courtesy and copyright © 1999, Richard Kennedy; taken in New Orleans, LA.

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